Lactation Consultation


Private consultations are catered to meet the individual mother and baby's needs. Consultations can address concerns including, but not limited to, low milk supply, sore nipples, returning to work, oversupply, infant weight loss, plugged ducts, and breast infection. 



*An additional fee applies to locations outside of a 15 mile radius of the Houston Medical Center. 


Breastfeeding Classes


SOS Lactation offers private breastfeeding classes in the comfort of your own home. This 90 minute class covers all of the pertinent breastfeeding information parents should know before the baby is born. 


Feeding Assessment


Assessments are designed for expecting mothers who face specific challenges. This is recommended for mothers who have a history of breast surgery, history of low milk supply, multiples, and inducing lactation. 


Tongue Tie Group Class


SOS Lactation offers a 4 part class specifically for mothers and babies who have been treated for tongue tie. The group meets weekly for 2 hours each class. We focus on oral and body exercises, post procedure care, and adjusting feeding plans according to mother and baby's progress. 




Leah became captivated with breastfeeding after the birth of her oldest daughter. With nearly a decade of experience Leah has taught classes and facilitated consultations with thousands of Houston parents. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Leah has acted in many capacities including writing breastfeeding curriculum, facilitating support groups, working in a milk bank, and teaching private and group classes.


Leah's experience is enhanced from having worked in a variety of different settings including clinics, hospitals, office, and private residence. Knowing the challenges that parents face, Leah founded SOS Lactation to provide immediate quality breastfeeding support. 


Breastfeeding is natural, but it is also a learned behavior. Many mothers need hands on help to see their breastfeeding goals come to fruition. Leah offers one on one consultations in the privacy of your own home. A report of the consultation is sent to the baby's pediatrician and information can also be sent to the mothers healthcare provider as needed. Doctors appreciate this information and it helps keep the entire team better able to support the mother and baby with breastfeeding. 


Leah Whitley, IBCLC owner of SOS Lactation LLC Houston, Texas
SOS Lactation Houston Breastfeeding Client


SOS Lactation Houston Breastfeeding Client
SOS Lactation Houston Breastfeeding Client


"Leah is an amazing consultant. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a rough start for me and my baby with breastfeeding but thanks to Leah and her guidance I was able to breastfeed my baby. Leah is very reliable too, I could count on her getting back to me on a timely manner."
- Yassi M.


"I was referred to Leah the morning of 12/31 and she made it out to my home on NYE! After her consultation our nursing situation was completely transformed and we were able to meet our weight goal for my baby's first pedi appointment. I highly recommend her!"
- Stephanie K.


"Leah is awesome! She genuinely cares for her clients. She is very patient - taking time to observe prior to offering recommendations. I highly recommend Leah as she goes above and beyond to help and is extremely responsive!"
- Mallory M.


''Leah is attentive and clearly seasoned in her knowledge as a Lactation Consultant. She spent adequate time with our family to ensure that she thoroughly assessed our situation and provided us with the resources to be successful. Breastfeeding is challenging however, Leah gave us hope to continue on this journey. Thank you for your help Leah!''
-Diana H.







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